Why learn your First Dance online?

  • Fast & Easy

    Clear, easy to follow videos broken down step-by-step. Freedom to learn at your own pace. Made so you can master the basics FAST!

  • Customize

    Flexibility to choose your favourite moves! We help you create a Wedding Dance to suit your skill level, song choice, wedding vibes and personality!

  • Affordable

    Save hundreds of dollars (and hours of time) that you might spend for private lessons at a studio! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

What's included...

Everything you need to DIY your Wedding Dance in a short space of time!

  • Super easy-to-follow videos designed for beginners!!

  • Introduction what you need to get started and finding the beat of your song!

  • Simple yet Impressive Dance Moves. Easy and hard variations available!

  • Choreography Demonstrations to both slow and fast songs for clarification!

  • Jam packed full of Helpful Hints and our ultimate 5 Top Tips!!

  • Pointers HOW to put your new moves together!

Watch Intro Video

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  • We have two left feet, will we really be able to learn to dance off the video?

    Absolutely! The course is made for absolute beginners. It runs you through step by step instruction so you cannot go wrong! We include lots of helpful hints and tips so anyone can do it!

  • How long will it take?

    The program is designed to give you results quickly! You also have the flexibility to choose to learn three simple moves or you can learn all the moves if you wish. We start with the basics to get you dancing together in under 30 minutes!

  • What if we need further help?

    You can always email us to book in a live video lesson if you want us to help you fine-tune any moves!

  • Do we have to learn everything in the series to feel like confident dancers?

    Absolutely not! You can choose to learn just the essentials (only a couple of videos) or you can learn all the moves! The bare basics will have you feeling confident and will still produce a beautiful First Dance. If you're up for the challenge, you can learn as many moves as you like, incorporating these into your Wedding Dance. You have the freedom to choose whichever moves feel the most natural for you!

  • What if we buy the program and don't really enjoy it?

    All of our courses have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! We are so proud of our comprehensive program we are sure you are going to love it. However if it's not working for you, contact us before the 30 days is up to get a full refund.

Everything You Need to Know!

Pick and choose your favourite moves. Flexibility to keep it as simple or as impressive as you like!

  • 1


    • Before Getting Started!

    • Counting To Music

  • 2

    Bare Basics

  • 3

    More Exciting Moves

    • Inside Turn (easy variation)

    • Opening Inside Turn (hard variation)

    • Box Step (easy variation)

    • Box Step + Rotation (hard variation)

    • Spin Combination (easy variation)

    • Spin Combination + Lean (hard variation)

    • Foxtrot

    • Pencil Lift

    • Cradle Lift

    • Dip

  • 4

    Putting Your Moves Together

    • Putting Your Moves Together!

    • Demonstration Choreography - Slow Song

    • Demonstration Choreography - Fast Song

    • Five Top Tips!!

    • Thank you!

Feel Confident. Look Relaxed. Have fun!

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⭐️ 6 Months Access ~ approx $140 AUD or £78 GBP
⭐️ 12 Months Access ~ approx $200UD or £115 GBP

💃 3 Months Access are cheaper than ONE private dance lesson! 🕺


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